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You Have Options With Us!

Level One

Personal Amplification

Not sure that you need a hearing aid but need speech and other sounds to be louder $40.00-$80.00.

Level Two

Adjustable Hearing Aid

Equivalent to what is seen online.

Adjustable hearing aids at low price of $299-$500

Level Three

Discounted/Free Insurance

Basic Level Hearing Aids

Sometimes insurance will cover the cost of your hearing aids or deeply discount them. Benefits vary per individual, per insurance policy!

Level Four

Advanced Hearing  Technology

The latest and most advanced technology that can be so small you cant see them. With something as important as your hearing , you deserve the best available. 

Is This You?

 1)   Do people seem to mumble?

 2)   Do you have trouble understanding? 

 3)   Do you find talking on the phone Difficult?

 4)   Do people often say you speak loudly?

 5)   Do you often have to ask people to repeat themselves?

 6)   Do you have ringing in the ears?

 7)   Do you have difficulty understanding in crowds?

 8)   Do you no longer hear Household sounds?

 9)   Do you have to face someone to understand speech?

10)  Do people complain your T.V is too loud?

If you are experiencing two or more of these Call today for a free hearing Consultation. We do not disappoint. 


Call today, make your appointment at Dr. Scott's LLC dba Beltone Hearing Care at 513-662-1700. 


Your one stop hearing shop has hearing help for everyone.  


PSAP's to top of the line Beltone hearing aids.


Hearing loss or price is not a problem at any of our five office's.


YOU CHOOSE YOUR COURSE  with your lifestyle in mind, get professional recommendations.

Hearing Loss Contributes To: 

-  Developing dementia, up to 5 times more likely


- Elderly patients have an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD)


- Three-folds risk of falling 

- Depression


- Social Isolation

- More Hospitalzation

 The higher degree of measurable hearing loss 

the greater the risk.

The Amaze!!

The most advanced hearing aid on the market.

BCBS, Humana, Aetna, TruHearing, Hearing care solutions, Epic  Hearing . United Health Care, AARP & also Medicaid .

                         AllWell financing available 


Convenient payment plan that you structure to fit your monthly budget.


There are several discounts. Come in to see which ones you qualify for.  

Most insurance accepted

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Western Hills 513-662-1700

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