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Dr. Mary Scott has been an advocate for individuals with communication difficulties since 1982 when she graduated from Ohio University with her BS Degree in Hearing and Speech Sciences.  She went on to receive her Masters degree in Audiology from the University of Cincinnati along with her Certificate of Clinical Competence and her doctoral degree in Audiology from Arizona Still University.  She owns Dr. Scott’s Beltone of Greater Cincinnati with five area locations.  The primary focus for her is to identify the communication needs of her patients and to recommend the various options that best meet the patient’s goals and quality of life issues.  With 30+ years in the profession, Dr. Scott is very experienced in guiding patients to achieve the best possible results from the use of amplification and maximize their understanding ability in order to assist in alleviating the life altering complications that come with Alzheimer’s and dementia from lack of brain stimulation.  She also works with a number of local businesses for industrial hearing testing meeting OSHA requirements.        




The Beltone legacy began in 1940's , When Sam and Faye Posen recognized the need for a personalized and miniaturized hearing aid technology. As a way to help a friend with hearing loss. Sam knew that hearing aids of that time could not offer the individualized hearing capabilities that he had in mind. Sam wanted the individual to hear the music of life that came through the hearing aids " as clear as a bell."

For over 78 years now, we continue the tradition to help people hear and live better. With 1500 Offices in north America, Beltone remains the most trusted brand for quality hearing problems and care. 


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