Hearing Test

- Comprehensive Case History

- Otoscopic Inspection

- Pure Tone bone/air conduction threshold

- Speech audiometry

- MCL  (Most Clear Level)

- UCL (Uncomfortable Level)


Hearing Aid Evaluation

- Demo of the newest technology

- Explanation of hearing aids

- Review of benefits and limitations

- Professional recommendations

 Video Wax Inspection 


 Every wondered if wax is an issue? Wonder no more come in   and see inside your ear. 


Wax Removal


 Stop trying the home remedies - get professional assistance.

Sound Field Testing


Special testing to verify your hearing aids performance



 Special testing for middle ear abnormalities.

Nov 01, 2020, 11:05 AM
Dr. Scotts Beltone Hearing Care Center

Ear Impressions For Custom


-Swim Plugs

- Musician Plugs

- Hunter Plugs

- Ear buds 

and more.

Minor Hearing Aids Repairs


Same day in office minor service and  repairs

Hearing Aids 

We have a wide variety of hearing aids that can meet your lifestyle and price range.




CIC on ear

True 25 MC


Hearing Aid Accessories

- MyPal (captures the sound from up to 23 feet away and puts straight in your aids).

- Tv Link (audio streamed directly into your aid from T.V or stereos)

- Phone Link (clear feedback free speech signal is channeled directly from phone into aids, acts like bluetooth)

- Wireless Remote (effortlessly and discreetly monitor and change environmental programs and adjust the volume of your hearing aids).  

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